10 reasons why you need creativity in your life

Creativity is a vital and essential aspect of progress, innovation and success. As Einstein said ‘Creativity is seeing what others see, and thinking what no-one else has ever thought.’ Here is why developing your creativity will benefit you in everyday life.

Cathartic qualities

A creative pursuit can become a great outlet for venting steam in a positive and cathartic manner. It is an important life skill to develop in yourself a way to exercise the negative and destructive emotions and forces that build up in each and every one of us. Finding a way to turn these potentially damaging sentiments into something positive can have a hugely productive influence in your life. Any creative pursuit can utilize these negative emotions, and use them to influence and inspire paintings, songs, poems, books and poems. From Proust to Goya, the list of creative individuals throughout history who have made use of this technique is endless.

Helps the way you think

Being creative forces you to adopt new ways of thinking. You have to challenge what you think you know, experiment with what you already do, and the results are often incredible. Through one creative task, such as taking a single photograph of a tree every day for a month, you may realize that you have developed a new idea or perspective on a subject, such as a rekindled love of the natural world. Creativity is a tool that allows you to look at the world with fresh eyes, something that we all need to do from time to time.

Be Creative

More energy and better moods

When you become entwined in a creative project, it draws you in and you will suddenly find new reserves of energy to work with. The story you are writing, or the short film you are making, become projects that make you wish for more hours in the day, just so you can work on your creative pursuit. When was the last time you woke up genuinely excited about what you were going to make / create / build that day? Well then, time to start a new project!

Linked to innovation

Innovation comes from turning away from the accepted norms of the time. Copernicus, Newton, More, Einstein, Da Vinci, Smithson, Warhol, Courbet and Picasso are all names that have been immortalized by history. They were all individual and creative thinkers, and used their abilities to help make huge innovative leaps in human progression. Perhaps you yourself might not reinvent the way we understand the universe, but becoming more creative will improve your personal ability to come up with innovative and exciting solutions to problems.

Desirable attribute in modern business

Innovation is a vital aspect within any business. In your career, odds are that an ability to think with creative intelligence will serve you well. It is a characteristic that can be difficult to convey through a resume or an interview, but even the act of making a concerted effort to develop your creative abilities will make this task easier in itself. Creativity can be applied within any profession, looking for new opportunity, seeing processes from different angles in order to improve them, or even the ability to empathise with other people are a few examples of the positive impacts that creativity can improve.

Helps you to see opportunity

Failure is a large part of any creative process. The rules of any creative process are never set in stone, and it is part of their appeal, they are often ambiguous and changeable. Musicians, artists, writers and anyone with a sincere involvement with creativity must understand that failure is part of the game. To be creative, you have to accept that your experimentations will often not work out, but that you must keep on experimenting until you find that perfect colour or ideal sentence.

You start to realize that this is applicable to life. That when events don’t work out in your favour, you can instead draw out the new opportunities that have been presented to you. As James Joyce said ‘mistakes are the portals of discovery’.


Always learning

You can never ‘complete’ creativity. You can always get better, change direction or try something new, and this way of thinking encourages a thirst for knowledge and learning. Teaching yourself a new creative skill will affect your whole life, as well as being highly rewarding. Photography forces you to learn technical skills, and look at the world through a lens for example. Learning to carve teaches you about the properties of materials. Reading books about the way that other people think will reveal new insights about your own thoughts and feelings. In short, creativity encourages your personal desire to learn and discover new things in the world.

Helps you to focus

Creativity will focus your mind. When painting or drawing, you must block out everything and concentrate solely on what you are doing. It is a skill that requires patience and time, and one that most of us don’t practice that much of the time, as the demands of contemporary life and work normally require us to multitask. To cultivate this skill will help to improve your concentration and ability to focus intently, to commit you completely to the present.

Teaches dedication

Natural talent of course plays a role, but it is not a case of either being creative or not. Creative thinking, like everything else, needs to be cultivated through dedicated effort. This takes time, it is not easy, but it rewards the people who endure in many ways.

Tangible results

If you decide to start painting for example, after working, learning, experimenting, failing, repeating and struggling, you will eventually create a tangible image. The painting will exist as the result of all your hard work and newly developed skills. This is incredibly satisfying, and a cycle that becomes self-perpetuating: as you paint the next few paintings, your technical expertise and ability to express your ideas and emotions will improve, and your creativity will augment itself.

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